AIN-93M Rodent Diet

Item No.: XTADM001
AIN-93M was the first of two open formulations published by the American Institute of Nutrition (AIN) committee, which is widely used in different types of research.

AIN-93M is purified diet with commonly used refined ingredients, formulated for the adult and maintenance rodents. This basic formula are often modified for a specific research purpose, such as altering the fat source, adjust vitamin or mineral level, or adding a compound.

Number XTADM001
Matching species Rat/Mouse
Google Scholar References
Daily consumption Rats 20 to 25 g, mice 3 to 6 g
Standard packing Vacuum packed and boxed
Storage Store at 4° or lower
Shelf-life Use within 6 months
Minimum order 5 kg
Deliveries Average lead time 10 working days
  Additional 2 working days for irradiated batches
Formula g/Kg
Casein 140.00
L-Cystine 1.80
Corn Starch 495.69
Maltodextrin 125.00
Sucrose 100.00
Soybean Oil 40.00
Cellulose 50.00
Mineral Mix S10022M 35.00
Vitamin Mix V10037 10.00
Choline Bitartrate 2.50
TBHQ, antioxidant 0.01