Carbohydrate Adjusted Diets

Item No.: Carbohydrate Custom Diet
Commonly used Carbohydrate sources include sucrose, cornstarch and maltodextrin, other sources include fructose, glucose, dextrin and lactose.

Synergy Bio formulates Carbohydrate Adjusted Diets for rodents to ensure your laboratory animals obtaining the accurate nutrients. In addition to the high-fat diet, carbohydrates usually make up the majority of custom diets (by weight and %kcal). Commonly used Carbohydrate Adjusted Diets include 60% Fructose Diet, Ketogenic Diet (almost no carbohydrate) .

According to different research purposes, custom diets are formulated based on standard diets or especially customized formulas.

Please email us at for more information about altering the Carbohydrate profile of a diet.


Matching Species Rat/Mouse
Daily consumption Rats 20 to 25 g, mice 3 to 6 g
Standard packing Vacuum packed and boxed
Storage Store at 4° or lower
Shelf-life Use within 6 months
Minimum order 5 kg
Deliveries Average lead time 10 working days
  Additional 2 working days for irradiated batches