Ketogenic Rodent Diet

Item No.: XTKD01
Ketogenic Rodent Diet is a very high-fat diet with almost no carbohydrate, widely used in epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, autism related research.

Ketone body comes from the metabolism of fatty acids, therefore ketogenic diet must be high in fat and low in carbohydrate. The ratio of fat to protein + carbohydrate in this ketogenic diet is approximately 3.94.

Cocoa butter and lard are the main sources of fat in traditional ketogenic diet, the former can be made into pellet, the latter can only be made into paste.


Number XTKD01
Matching Species Rat/Mouse
Daily consumption Rats 20 to 25 g, mice 3 to 6 g
Control diet Low-Fat Rodent Diet
Standard packing Vacuum packed and boxed
Storage Store at 4° or lower
Shelf-life Use within 6 months
Minimum order 5 kg
Deliveries Average lead time 10 working days
  Additional 2 working days for irradiated batches
Formula g/Kg
Casein 100.00
L-Cystine 1.00
Soybean Oil 25.00
Cocoa Butter 381.00
  Calcium Carbonate
  DiCalcium phosphate
Mineral Mix S10026 10.00
Vitamin Mix V10001 1.00
Choline Bitartrate 2.00