Rodent Diet with 60% Calories from Fat

Item No.: XTHF60
Rodent Diet with 60% Calories from Fat is widely used in the disease model of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It's also used to induce mild fatty liver and insulin resistance.

Rodent Diet with 60% Calories from Fat is purified diet with refined ingredients, designed with similarities to Research Diets, Inc. formula D12492. While considered extreme compared to typical human fat consumption, these diets are effective for rapid weight gain in most rodents. With higher fat content there is less space for carbohydrate, thus the carbohydrate(particularly sucrose)amount is relatively low.

In order to induce type 2 diabetes, pre-feeding a high-fat diet to induce a certain level of obesity and insulin resistance, followed by low-dose streptozotocin (STZ) may be an effective approach.

Please contact with our nutritionist before choosing a high-fat diet for your specific research.


Number XTHF60
Matching species Rat/Mouse
Google Scholar References
Daily consumption Rats 20 to 25 g, mice 3 to 6 g
Control diet Rodent Diet with 10% Calories from Fat
Standard packing Vacuum packed and boxed
Storage Store at 4° or lower
Shelf-life Use within 6 months
Minimum order 5 kg
Deliveries Average lead time 10 working days
  Additional 2 working days for irradiated batches
Formula g/Kg
Casein 200.00
L-Cystine 3.00
Maltodextrin 125.00
Soybean Oil 25.00
  Calcium Carbonate
  DiCalcium Phosphate
  Potassium Citrate, 1H2O

Mineral Mix S10026 10.00
Vitamin Mix V10001 10.00
Choline Bitartrate 2.00
Blue Food Color 0.05